New negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo

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The presidents of Microsoft and Yahoo met last week to discuss a possible collaboration in the search and advertising services of both Internet companies according to a story this week released by Reuters.

The company executives discussed a wide range of topics, including the possibility of Microsoft exploiting Yahoo's search advertising business, and Yahoo combining and running the display advertising businesses of both companies.
Microsoft and Yahoo avoided commenting on it

Expectations that both companies would resume their negotiations on Yahoo's search business have been rising since new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz took the helm of the company in January.

Bartz succeeded Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, who last year rejected Microsoft's attempt to buy the entirety of Yahoo for $ 47.5 billion, chilling relations between the two companies.

Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo primarily to address Google's dominance in internet search, and its CEO, Steve Ballmer, has made it clear that he would still be interested in reaching some sort of deal in that field.

Source: Reuters Technology

Video: Steve Ballmer on Yahoo Microsoft deal


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