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Yahoo tests a new site that will compete with MySpace and Facebook

According to an article published this week on, Yahoo is testing an experimental social networking service called Mash that will allow Yahoo users to share the trivia of their lives with their family and friends online.

Mash, to which a limited number of users have already been invited on Friday to start testing it, has been described by a Yahoo spokeswoman as a new, next-generation service, separate from the 2.5-year-old profile service of the company.

Although Yahoo has been one of the first Internet companies to follow the trend towards sharing multimedia with friends by acquiring innovative companies such as the photo site, it has had a hard time getting into the main trend on the Net: social networks.

Mash is a new attempt to compete with similar networks, such as MySpace, Facebook and Bebo, from News Corp, or Orkut from Google, which have managed to attract tens of millions of users from around the world.

The Silicon Valley company has made it clear that the new service is still in its early testing stages. One aspect of the service is the power it gives its users to edit their friends' profiles and add personal advertising, of course subject to the approval of the profile owner.

In addition, Mash will be able to connect to a series of existing Yahoo services and to mini-applications known as “Widgets”, acting as a personal profile both publicly on the Internet and in a private group of friends, depending on the preference of each user.

BuzzTracker Acquisition by Yahoo

Yahoo has more than 500 million monthly users of its various services, including some 250 million users of its Yahoo Mail email.
In parallel, Yahoo has announced the acquisition of, an innovative two-year-old company with an online news service that crawls 110,000 different sources (both traditional media and blogs) in search of current affairs. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. BuzzTracker offers Yahoo an alternative to its rival Google News.

Source: Fox News

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